Sunday, June 17, 2018

Press Day At The SL15B

By Gemma Cleanslate

The usual gem stone for the 15th anniversary of some things in real life is Ruby. A single gem for this anniversary was not enough so the SL15 birthday has chosen Crystal for the theme of this birthday celebration. A wise choice. As I roamed the  sims I was so struck with the beauty of the builds, many incorporating so many types of beautiful crystals.

My first thought was “WOW” ! This was not only for the builds themselves. It was for the knowledge that the sl Moles (Linden Department of Public Works) had been here . The roadways.... the canals... were built by the beloved Linden Moles who  do a lot of infrastructure and put things at the bottom of the oceans and do so much in Second Life.

What else.. the Center stage!! the   Crystal Stage is the creation of the Moles!!.I loved it! I recall my first visits to the early birthday celebration, the ones that the Linden Lab ran.I remember standing next to Philip Linden at one of the first ones, maybe the SL3B ,in awe. not only that He was there but that I was there next to him! I was young in Second Life
 then and impressionable.

When the birthdays were handed over to the residents it was a risk. The leaders took it and ran with it and it worked and has worked every year since. I was an EA for five years and loved it but retired. Now, I miss the work and the fun getting the parcels ready, but just enjoy the entire week as a visitor.  I spend a lot of time visiting the builds. The parties are great so I do attend some of the live performers and DJ parties. The auditorium presentations are wonderful and that  building  this year by Anthony is terrific .  I will try to be at the Linden’s talk every day if possible at 1pm SL time and some of the other presentations . You should book mark the schedule to check for those auditorium events you want to attend .

The parties at the stages are well attended all week long, almost 24/7 from around all the time zones. Here you will find live performers, djs, who spend some hours entertaining you on the gorgeous stages. And, the hosts who spend hours meeting you at your arrival. Give them all some thanks.  Check out the SL15B website to see who made these wonderful places you are standing on. Appreciate the work that went into this one week !

I will be writing about some of the builds that I really enjoyed visiting. Take  pod ride around . There are several routes to cover all the regions and you can hop off any time you want.I checked out the pod stops, and they are all running.

My visit for the SL Newser on Press Day took me first to the Welcome Area where I found lots of friendly greeters waiting to welcome me. I picked up the press packet  and went off to see the main entertainment stages, the Auditorium, the Tapestry of Time that looks like the Portal Parks with each year of Second Life marked. This was put there by Ancient Mole.

 Make sure to take a ride during the week. since the installations will be there until July 4th you have plenty of time to return as often as you like and try the rides.Added to the regions you will see two familiar places , Bear Island and The Cornfield. In the beginning of Second Life, if you were naughty at the event you were tossed out to the Cornfield. It is for visiting this year! There is lots to see and enjoy all week!

This is one of the Welcome areas where you can start on your travels.

Gemma Cleanslate

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