Friday, May 31, 2013

SL10B Preparations: Flying over the Sims

By Gemma Cleanslate

So now I am on the sims of the SL10 Birthday Celebration, in my role of Exhibitor Assistant , not just looking, working hard! To help all the builders get settled is a great honor. I did it last year and loved it. It is a thrill to hear the thanks of the builders as we escort them to their plot and pass out their “slice of the cake.” This is their information box that will give them the building rules and badge as a builder.  

 Sunday was hectic to say the least. At Noon the sims opened and the rush was on. Before the builders came to the sim we had to verify them as an accepted applicant, then invite them into the Exhibitors group. It was great to have all the volunteer Exhibitors Assistants that were available. The crowds persisted into the evening hours and I am sure long into the night. Their anticipation just to get in there on their plot was electric.  Some of the builders already have their exhibits in their pockets and begin immediately to put it them out. Never mind we are still standing there doing paper work, LOL. This makes the sims bloom quickly. 

Some exhibitors are still planning. That is ok. There is plenty of time.Thank goodness they were patient. So far so good. Some, who are knowledgeable from past experience waited until the second day. The lines were not so long and moved much faster. 

I have had a chance to fly around now and take a look. It is amazing !! Already the fascinating builds are appearing. I also know from experience that no matter how long I am in those 20 sims I will not ever see every build. It is almost impossible. So I recommend trying very hard for you to set aside lots of time during the weeks of the birthday celebration. You are going to need it,not only to see the builds but also to attend the numerous 24/7 parties that will be on 5 stages. Performers and DJs will be there, June 16 through June 29 but the sims will remain longer for you to try to see it all. I say Try and I mean Try

I can’t show you any of the builds yet, but have permission to show you some plot holders. More to come.

Gemma Cleanslate

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