Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Fairy Faire of Hope

By Kitacelia

I arrived at Fairelands Junction, sponsored by Oceania Breedables.  I was greeted by a series of trees with portals to different areas of the Faire.  I began in Ravenshard.  Amid the sparkling giant purple ferns and whimsical mushroom furniture, I found a variety of venders in and out of the enchanted trees.  Included in these was an Alice in Wonderland display, based on the classic novels. Fantasy-themed music from movies and shows and other sources was played. Dotting the landscape was a assortment of boards and kiosk, all to benefit the Relay for Life cause. This was sponsored by the Epic Toy Factory. An announcer/DJ gave amusing dialog to entertain shoppers.

 Next I went to Evensong Woods, Sponsored by Roawenwood. This had several gothic arch style buildings and platforms. Scrollwork and pale grey stone lended them a decidedly Elven grace. They also featured brocade drapes and banners, ivy strewn pillars and balconies with elegant railings. Similar boards and kiosks for RFL were here as well.

Next was on to Crimson Fields sponsored by Trident.  It was a huge field of red flowers as you might expect, contrasted by rocky cliffs and stone ruins.

Then I explored Titans Hollow Sponsored by Cerridwen's Cauldron. More graceful curving scrollwork  and what appeared to be chandler's or candelabras suspected in the mists or clouds delignted my vision.  Sunset-hued stained glass framed by scrollwork and matching rails make me wish I had the room and lindens to take another picture.  Platforms of crystal glass overlooked mystical mists.  After that I adventured around Lotus Valley Dream, sponsored by Looking Glass.. This had a definite East Asian quality with Japanese-style gates and Chinese Lanterns. The characteristic uptipped roof corners were met by circular doorways and bamboo decor.  Cherry blossoms and bonsai trees neatly pruned trimmed an orderly walk.  Yes, I found lotuses growing in a lake, guarded by a majestic and sinuous Eastern dragon.

On to the Dragonspire sponsored by The Arcanum. This locale contained a decidedly cavernous quality, with stalactites and stalagmites of huge size all over.  Flashes of scintillating crystals of every hue adorned the walls and cold-seeming underground rivers provided a icy refreshment to passersby . giant slabs of stone bore equal sized cracks, as if damaged by something enormous and powerful. Tunnels into pitch darkness as well as glowing scrollwork and crystal formations gave a feeling of both magic and trepidation.

I then teleported to the Valley of Ish'Nar, sponsored by the Key of Hope Hunt. This region was a place of ruins in the forest and lost treasures. Chests, boxes with ornate decor and golden pitches as well as precious coins and gems lie in every part.Strange sounds emanated from somewhere, lending it a mysterious and secret aspect.

Lumenaria sponsored by Solarium was a landscape of courtyards and magnificent fountains as well as buildings with a somewhat Germanic expression. Exotic gardens and oddly shaped balloons meet the onlooker. 

At last count the Lindens raised is over 7 million at the Faire.  However, more is still needed.  Many of us, our loved ones, our friends have been effected by the tragedy and plague that is Cancer.  So even if fantasy isn't your slice of Elven bread or your mug of Dwarven ale, please check out this Faire anyway, it is for a wonderful cause.  If I missed anything important please let me know.

For more pictures, check out the Relay for Life's Flickr page:


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