Friday, December 19, 2014

Serious Request

By Wesley Regenbogen

Serious Request is a Dutch charity/fundraising event that collects Linden Dollars for a real life project. Every year there’s a different real life project behind Serious Request. This year’s project is “Hands Off Our Girls”, which is a project against the sexual abuse of women and girls in countries where there are conflicts. The project started on December 13 th, 2014 and will go on until December 21, 2014.
This real life project behind Serious Request is interesting, because it makes people aware of the problems in real life and they collect virtual money in Second Life and they donate it to the real life project after the event is done.
During the eight days 24/7, the DJs that volunteer for this project take requests. But in return they ask you to donate Linden Dollars for Serious Request. Once you donated the amount you wanted to donate, the DJs will play the song that you requested. The DJs stay the whole 8 days within the Glass House.  Every evening ( Dutch/Belgian time zone ) there is a live artist that performs at the stage behind the Glass House ( Glazen Huis in Dutch ). But aside that they also have auctions and contests and much more. All for a good cause in real life.
The sim that is created for Serious Request is called “sim Limburg3," created and owned by Quistis Shippe. It’s a Dutch sim, so the language spoken is Dutch, mostly. But also if you speak English, they will speak English to you, so don’t worry about it.
In my personal opinion, this event and the whole project is awesome and I will donate the Linden Dollars that I get from this article and an interview that I will be doing with the creators of the event. Although this is a very well known event by the Dutch residents in Second Life, I hope that more people get to know this event and the project behind it.
You can find the Glass House and the Serious Request location here :
The website of Serious Request is only available in Dutch, though, it can be found at :
A full list of the team behind Serious Request can be found here :

Wesley Regenbogen

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