Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scenes From the 2014 Christmas Expo

Tomorrow, December 4, marks the start of the Christmas Expo, also known as the 2014 Christmas Expo and Breedables Fair. From then to September 15, the event will raise funds for the American Cancer Society through sales at shops and stores at temporary areas around the ACS sim.

Yesterday, Second Life Newser got a sneek peak at the Expo grounds, and so took a look around. The area was well designed, the scene looking like a snowy winter day, with the sun barely showing through gray skies.

The shops are required to have at least two new and exclusive products in which 100% of the cash paid for them goes to the Relay for Life in Second Life. 100% of the cash donated to the purplish Relay for Life kiosks goes for cancer research.

Each seller is also taking part in at least one of the following: Hunt for the Bells Hunt, Silent Auction, Raffle, Christmas Tree Lot Donation, or Ornament Silent Auction.

There was a trolley one could get on for more rapid transit to other sims in the Expo grounds.

Breedable ranches were in their own sims seperate from the more conventional looking shops selling non-pet items

A couple of pet wolf cubs on display.

Taking a snooze in the cold.

 Chop chop!

 Not every single ranch was covered in snow. This one for critters in the tropics and savana stood out.

Not all pets appealed to ones sense of cute. For these wolves, they didn't have prepared meat. The pig was the dinner.

Oldesoul Eldemar, in a tiny av, was one of the staff present.

Breedable dragons, which Xymbers Slade wrote about some time ago, "Mind if I smoke?"

These are just a few scenes around the Expo grounds.

For the list of sponsors of the Expo:

For a list of the merchants and exhibitors:

For more information about the Relay for Life:

See you at the Expo

Bixyl Shuftan

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