Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The Manga Fair

By Bloodykitty Resident

There is a lovely event going on in Second Life called, "Manga Fair 2015." Basically it is as it's titled, a manga fair. While many people would think it includes reading manga or downloading some sort of online manga book, it's not that at all. This fair is for anime nerds and geeks alike! Now to get details out of the way, the event runs from the 19th of July to the 9th of August. For the location it is located in the region called, La Isla Hispana. While it may seem like a measly little island, when your'e the normal sized avatar you are, the land seems much bigger and you may end up getting lost when looking at the different vendors and or shops. The land is owned by Princess Briand of "Babydoll" and "Candy Events" by the way.
You are looking for cute, kawaii items? You love pastel colors and the fun side of life? You want to fill the wardrobe for you Utilizator or M3? Then come to the manga fair and grab these awesome new items from some of your favorite brands in second life! 

Upon visiting, for my experience anyway, it was a tad laggy because of how many visitors this place has even today. It may just be my sucky laptop but it sure lagged at times when simply walking around. Besides that I found it quite simple and pretty the scenery, with its green grass, autumn looking trees, and the design of each shop. Want to know the best thing about it though? Gachas! Of course those are a good thing when your sort of broke like me and only want to slap out like 50L at most. Overall they have an assortment of items like clothes that are futuristic, Sailor Moon, school girl outfits, accessories, and even some items for men. There are a load more I could list but it would take forever and you wouldn't want the fun and adventure told would you? 

While I could ramble on and on about the place I suggest you take a look yourself at it and see if there's anything you like, or just to explore more sims in general. While I didn't buy anything myself, but snagged tiny freebies, it was cool to see the different items and creations people made, especially the nerds of SL, haha. I hope you all are able to get in on the event before it's over. Enjoy!
La Isla Hispana (122, 134, 21)

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