Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Reader Submitted: D.R.U.M. – Celebration and Remembrance

Divine Rhythms of Universal Music (D.R.U.M.) is a live music percussion band in Second Life. With origins from the lamplighter ceremonies at Burning Life festivals, D.R.U.M. shares Burning Life culture throughout Second Life. As many of you know, the inspiration for Second Life came from the real life Burning Man festivals, famously attended by SL founder, Philip Linden (Rosedale).

Today’s concert at Barbie Alchemi’s venue on Creations Park region, was dedicated to Brazilian rhythms. I invited a professional Brazilian musician (who plays in SL), Mandala Bee and her friend Dee, to enjoy the show and dancing. You can experience a taste of D.R.U.M. on YouTube, but the live concert experience is really exceptional.  The rhythms really resonate and suddenly you find yourself dancing!

The members of D.R.U.M. include: Atrebor Zenkova, AlmostThere Inventor, Fil (yark), Dream Wrexan, Mia Anais (malreeoneal), and Maia Antarra (psiberangel). Also attending as an audience member was one of the group’s founders, Lorin Tone. Another founder, LadySlipper Constantine interviewed by SL Newser last February. Unfortunately, LadySlipper passed away in RL last September. Her name was recalled fondly sereral times by D.R.U.M. and the audience. Including this quote from Barbara Alchemi: “Every DRUM performance is done in memory of our dear LadySlipper.”

-- Any1 Gynoid is a reader contributor to SL Newser

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