Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Bay City Anniversary Celebration

By Gemma Cleanslate

One of the activities I love  at this time of year is visit the Bay City Anniversary event.

Since 2008 Bay City has grown and flourished and the citizens have formed bonds . There are several fun activities during the year and many residents and friends contribute to the festivities.

The Parade is a favorite of mine. I took some pictures of the parade participants for you .

Before the parade, Marianne McCann getting ready to walk out.

To me this was the cutest entry in the parade, and I wanted some food from it!

RacerX was there with a huge entry in the parade .

And there was much more. 

Daniel Voyager watches the parade with a local.

The party after with dj Marx Dudek was full and almost shut the sim down!! Many residents and friends of Bay City were celebrating 9 years.

Christov Kohnke took the stage with his guitar and live songs.
It was a fun day as usual. Wonders what the 10th anniversary will be like!!!
Gemma Cleanslate 
(with contributions from Bixyl Shuftan)

Editors Note: Check out these photographs from Wildstar Beaumont and  "Kit" LadyKittyKid on their Flickr pages. And the youtube from RacerX Gullwing below.

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