Monday, July 24, 2017

Reader Submitted: Burnstock 2017

By Klaus Bereznyak

Burnstock is a full 36 hours of music from DJs and live performers at the Burn2 Deep Hole Sim this weekend. It's a final, major fundraising event to raise lindens for the week-long Big Burn in the fall. Quite simply, the more money raised the more sims and prims can be available for anyone who wants to contribute builds to the festival in October.

I rezzed at the official landing spot and had to walk a little way to reach the Burnstock stage, heading for all the green dots on the minimap. Having recently hosted a communal installation of art and building celebrating the "conception" of Burn2. The dry, cracked desert surface of the 'playa' has been cleared in accordance with the Principles of Burning Man to "leave no trace," and a stage has been put up in the NW corner to host the event. There's an option to rez an Art Car and drive down there, but the warm desert felt good under my bare feet, recently liberated from the historical garb I prefer to wear around New Toulouse.

Dotted about the playa are kiosks where visitors can donate to "Fuel the Burn" in October. While the Deep Hole Sim itself is sponsored by Burning Man for community building and creative expression throughout the year, money must be raised for the extra sims required during the Big Burn or "Octoburn". Burn2 is an officially sanctioned Burning Man Regional festival. It promotes the Ten Principles of Burning Man, which include an aspiration to "Decommodification" and mean that the festival is intended to be free of commercial sponsorship and advertising.

Other principles of Burning Man include "Radical Inclusion", "Radical Self Reliance" and "Radical Self Expression". In the spirit of these, there was an open invitation for avatars to contribute their own-designed posters for the Burnstock Event, and these are displayed all over the sim en route to the stage.

I arrived to sound of mellow world-fusion vibes on the airwaves as DJ Gleanr rounded off a set. Avatars were dancing in front of the stage, and on the roof of a bus, amid bursts of flame. Burn staff Mia Wallace and iSkye Silverweb were on hand to greet avatars while another veteran burner, Pianoman, took to the stage with a huge, pink piano to play some of his original solo piano compositions.

I suspect he was getting help from the parrot on his shoulder, as some of the pieces had bass or string-section accompaniments.

A laid-back atmosphere settled over the listeners, and many of us sat down in the dust and let our minds cool to the transportive melodies. This was just what I needed after another busy day in this extraordinary world.

The performance program continued through Sunday the 23rd July:

08:00 -10:00am    DJ Rockridge Constantine
10:00 - 11:00am   Al Hofmann Live
11:00 - 12:00am   DJ Cuga Rajal
12:00 - 01:00pm   Yman Juran: the ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow Performance
01:00 - 02:00pm   DJ Retune
02:00 - 03:00pm   Guitarhero Dougall Live
03:00 - 04:00pm    DRUM (Divine Rhythms Universal Music) Live

I'm especially excited to see that Yman Juran's group was performing. They are always a treat.

For the Octoburn, the theme that artists and builders are being invited to interpret is "Radical Ritual". Plots can be bought at kiosks on the playa and there's a 10% extra prim allowance for the early birds who bag theirs before the 31st of July. You don't have to be amazing to participate; it's all about Radical Inclusion.

Visit burnstock here:

There is more information on the Burn2 Website:


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