Friday, May 9, 2014

"Promptly Erotic" at Book Island

By Grease Coakes

Promptly Erotic Is a new event at Book Island hosted by Freda Frostbite. When I happened to see the notice at Book Island I was surprised that a place like Book Island would showcase such an event. Book Island is well known for people talking about books and their stories. Having interest in erotic writing I couldn't resist. I played a game beforehand and then logged onto Second Life. Freda Frostbite told me over voice that this would be a weekly event at book island at 3pm SLT every Wednesday at this landmark: .

Freda logged on and announced that she was in a meeting in real life before she logged on. Everyone wanted the meeting to end so Freda in real life ended the meeting by announcing she wanted to jump in Second Life to hold a workshop about writing erotica. The meeting ended very quickly.

Selina Greene the owner of Book Island also attended. I asked Freda what her event was about and she said in voice, “It's a workshop for people to share and improve their erotic writing.” She also was saying that erotica could be an art form like a tasteful nude picture. I could agree with that writing itself is an art form. Erotic writing is merely another facet of that art.

She chose this week's theme as “Behind the Curtain.” Like the scene from The Wizard Of Oz “Ignore the man behind the curtain.” She showed pictures to inspire us writers to write steamy prose. She showed us pictures of Gypsy Rose behind a curtain with various other pictures. She said the only rule was you had to start your story with “Behind The Curtain,”as the first three words. Freda set a timer for fifteen minutes for everyone to write whatever came to mind.

After fifteen minutes or so she announced time was up. I copied and pasted my writing sample to a SL notecard quick enough that Freda read me first. She gave everyone the chance to read their erotic writing out loud over voice. I wasn't brave so I asked Freda to read out loud for me. To tease the reader of this SL Newser article I can say my story involved handcuffs and woman's underwear. Freda said my story flowed very well. Here's a small sample of what I had written.

Behind the curtain Narcosis wagged her finger slowly at her boyfriend. Nathan, as a short sky blue griffin couldn't believe that after being picked on and slammed into lockers that finally he would lose his virginity. The tall slender unicorn black woman was a godsend to him.

The other stories were also well written as Freda read everyone's story except for Selina Greene's erotic adventure which involved a BDSM club behind a curtain. I told Selina over voice that she was very brave to read her story over voice. She responded and said, “But I felt so embarrassed when I read it.” I told her she didn't sound embarrassed when she spoke over voice with her smoky British accent.

After Freda left Second Life to do things in real life, Selina and I hung out at Book Island until she had to go to bed. She mentioned that every Sunday was a new writing event like Olivia's micro fiction event. She explained at 12 noon SLT Every Sunday is a writing dash event and an open mic at 1pm. I said I'd do my best to reach one of those events. It involves writing 500 words or so in a half hour. I said that sounds doable if I wrote 322 words in fifteen minutes.

Selina logged off as it was close to 1 AM her time in the United Kingdom. Book Island is a great place for writers and readers to hangout and share common interests. I said I missed Jackson Arthur's Writer's Chat and Olivia's Micro Fiction.

However Selina is keeping Book Island going strong with Freda Frostbite's new event called Promptly Erotic. It's certainly a bold and brave new step for Book Island and I'm excited to see it as an event as a fun way to practice writing and to socialize. I invite you readers of the SL Newser to come to this event or any other Book Island event for kicks. Here's Freda's email and website if you would like to contact her.

Grease Coakes

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