Monday, May 19, 2014

Scenes From the Relay For Life Fantasy Faire 2014

Earlier this month in Second Life, the Relay for Life's 2014 Fantasy Faire took place. Although the place was set up to sell items for charity, it also got attention for the sims great designs. There were a total of 11 sims, mostly in a circle, setup next to the permanent American Cancer Society sim. Each was an eyeful to see.

The Fairlands Junction was the official entrance to the Faire. One appeared in a small island in a shallow lake with shops around.

To the north was a wooden walkway over a river in a marsh, which led around the sim, leading one west, north, or east.

To the west of Fairlands Junction, and east of American Cancer Society, was the Palace of Tears.

This sim was the scene of some dance parties.

Some events were on a boat in the air.

Which was carried by a dragon.

To the north of Fairlands Junction was the Sanctum sim with a flying palace.

North of Sanctum was the Blackwater Glen.

It was a mix of marshy woods, with wooden walkways providing a path over the water, and clear areas, with shops all around.

North of Blackwater Glen was Mourningvale Thicket.

The place was the darkest of the sims of the Faire, a dark forest, the trees keeping most of the sunlight out.

There were some elements of a dark RP game about, such as this headless body.

East of Mourningvale Thicket was The Faery Court.

The sim had the appearance of a fantasy village, though the west had a touch of dark from being next to the forest.

The east was a brighter shade of green.

Going east from the Faery Court was the sim of Heavenslough.

At both the west and south sides, there was a "Survival Station," where one could pick up a few freebies.

My favorite among them was the backback, with critters in the back. The rat in the cage is waving a flag that says "help."

There were a few more walkways over water, but they also went up and down hills.

And one sometimes went across rock, looking down at waterfalls and trees.

South of Heavenslough was Hopes Horizon, the Dwarfins' sponsored sim.

One went down a stone path ...

To a city of carved stone.

South of Hopes Horizon was Medhir Woods.

The place was simpler, with shops along the stone roads. I noticed places that sold treehouses.

And a magic shopp owned by Zachh Barkley, Second Life's self-professed "King of Magic."

Asperatus started off at the foot of a misty, snow covered mountain.

One went up the slope, and some stairs ...

And into a Steampunkish city in the clouds.

The place seemed to be held up by a combination of balloons and propellers

And it looks like there had been some roleplay going on, " 'The Revenge of Professor Timmons.' In it, the professor has built a treacherous robot, which damages our town’s power center.  They then make their escape to Asperatus.  We townsfolk chase after these miscreants, so there will be lots of excitement, fighting in the streets, and general mayhem going on. In the end, we will capture the bad guys, and there will be a great big celebration on Friday, 9 May.  After which, we will return the evil doers to NeoVictoria to receive their just desserts.”

West of Asperatus was Wiggenstead Moorning, the Tiny-themed sim.

The place reminded me a bit of Mulgore in "World of Warcraft," though instead of on mesas, the shops were placed around floating islands.

But the scenery wasn't just above, but also underneath on the surface.

To the west of this sim was back to the beginning at Fairlands Junction. So this is where the journey in pictures ends. It was quite a well-designed and visually pleasing place.

There are a few other links for Fantasy Faire pics, such as Daniel Voyager, Ciaran Laval, Loverdag, and the Fantasy Faire Photography contest.

There will be other events in Second Life. As I was writing this, the "RelayStock" was taking place, but the memories, and screenshots, of the Fantasy Faire will go on.

Bixyl Shuftan

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