Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Scenes from the Burnal Equinox

From Friday March 27 to late Sunday March 29, the art and music festival "Burnal Equinox" took place at the Burning Life-Deep Hole sim. This yearly event is a spinoff of the Burn2 festival taking place for over a week in October, run by the same people, often nicknamed "Burners."

At the site of the SURL and Landmark passed around, greeters welcomed visitors with a "Welcome home," offering a few freebies.

There were a few mutant vehicles to get around, such as this huge rubber ducky on wheels.

And these cutsie flying bunnies.

Or one could just ride a bike.

 There were a number of artists' exhibits at the event. 

 The theme of the event was "Balance," and the exhibits were supposed to represent it in some way.

 The base of the Burning Equinox Balance Tower, created by P1anoman Resident.

One can find a list of the names and exhibits at:

There were also DJs performing music at the event, here at the dance floor.

At 10AM Saturday, Newser writer Grease Coakes was the DJ at the Burnal for an hour.

One might say his tunes were "hot."

 For the hour, he played for friends and others at the dance stage.

Everyone had fun, even if some just "horsed around."

Sunday evening had the final events of the Burnal. At 8PM came the Tower Burn, when the Balance Tower would be burned.

 There was some delay, but after some time,  the tower was set ablaze.

Someone stood on top ot the structure as it burned.

 Fireworks went off around the build as it slowly burned, rings of flame rising from the bottom.

 Soon it began to char as it burned to a crisp.

 Viewing the burning tower from below.

 Eventually, it burned to the point it collapsed into a pile of blocks.

 The Burners climbed onto the embers, lighting themselves with fire effects.

At 9PM, the Lamplighters led the closing event at the dance area.

 The Burners danced away, in avatars large ...

 ... and small.

Finally as the hour drew near, the lamplighters began marching in procession, away from the dance floor, the final act of the festival.

And so, the Burnal Equinox came to a close. But the fans took comfort that the main event, Burn2, would be just six months away.

Bixyl Shuftan

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